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C-ute's 14th single- Aitai Lonely Christmas

here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWi6tr8S8xU
[i don't own this vid]

yeah... i miss the old c-ute but i think the c-ute now really is much better since nakky, chisa and maimai got their solo lines after being on the background for a few years..

C-ute's new single Aitai Lonely Christmas is really good... it's got a sad feeling to it but really nice..
plus, they were all looking good and lovely... chisa's blooming with beauty.. mai's allo grown-up and nakky's still cute and lovely.. i couldn't really say anything on airi and maimi.. they're always ALWAYS on the center spotlight that's why i think they should really back down.. im not really against them or anything.. but it's really that they've casted shadows on nakky, maimai and chisa... so it's good that they have all solo lines now..

i hope they release singles more often hahaha..
well that's all for now...
ja nee~
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