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My second try on fanfiction!!!

Author: kondou_michiko 
Title: Maimi's Cold Kiss
Pairing: Takaki YuyaXYajima Maimi
Genre: Fan fiction, Romance
Rating: GP

Maimi was furiously waiting on the rooftop...Collapse )


sayonara summerangel143:))))

yup...i'm deleting my other account [info]summerangel143 ..

ive decided to post those fanfics that i wrote and novels i would write on this account instead..

yep..angel kawashima and i are one and the same..

thought id let you guys know....

that's all...

ja nee~!!!


i miss takahata-kuuuuun!!!!! ToT

 it's been a year or so when takahata misaki left je..

it's always been a mystery why but i want to believe that he left for school..



saw this pic and thought i could share it with you..

i think this is his latest pic..or not?

(credits to [info]yatsuiko_chan ..saw this on her page..)

i do hope he comes back!!!

he's my real ichiban in my whole jpop fangirling!!!

gosh, i love him!

anyways gotta go now.. my sister's ultra clingy today..

ja nee~!!!!!!

I so dying need a laptoooooooooooooooop!!!

 Gosh it's semestral break yet I couldn't enjoy it that much since I have to share the computer with my sistahs!!!!

I do wish my rents buy me laptop as in like NOW!!!

I'm so dying to have one!!

If only I could have my own pc.....

I wish my sisters' sembreak could end so I could have this pc to myself


What a wicked sister!!!!

Anyway, just wanna greet you guys hello!!!

Watcha doin huh????

I've got myself all drowning in ♥Takaki♥..

ja nee~!!!!

Fukusawa Tatsuya!!

as i was running over a few chibi takaki pics on a blog, i noticed on guy...

Fukusawa Tatsuya...

I found him cute so i thought i should share it to everyone...

definitely a cutie!!!

don't you just love him? hahaha

guess i'll go look for more..

ja nee~!!!

Help! Help! Help!

I need help!

Who knows how to add headers/banners?

I tried using tutorials but it wouldn't work!

Thanks in advance!!


 I'm down on the dumps!!!

I got so carried away that I would re-take Math17 next sem that almost didn't want to study. 

Now I got a three!!!

It isn't good though. 
It felt like sembreak is a waste of time if wouldn't study hard for Math26 next sem...

Got my Inspiration!!!

Love it with his hair short!!!


I just saw this the other day but i don't know when it was posted and by whom and wherever country that loser came from..but it's definitely not an lj user..


What's the problem of that dude???Collapse )